California Bicycle Coalition » Bike Delaware calls for an end to ‘share the road’ signs

Im reading Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris book Invisible Gorilla. Youve probably seen their video as it is one of the best-known modern experiments… DelDOT Secretary Shailen Bhatt and DNREC Secretary Collin OMara preparing to announce Delawares new Bicycle Friendly State ranking. Dover… by Melissa Nann Burke The News Journal February 15, 2013 Relatively few Delaware workers commute by bike, but they might reconsider when cyclists are whizzing… Heres why. After a week, Bike Delaware will collect any and all comments and forward them to DelDOT. As a traffic control device, motorists and cyclists interpret W16-1P in different, and sometimes diametrically opposed, ways.

Shitterton, near Bere Regis, Dorset. Sinfin, near Derby. Six Mile Bottom, near Cambridge. Sixpenny Handley, near Blandford Forum. Slack Bottom, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

An astonishing 93 per cent failed to recognise the sign for “no vehicles except bikes being pushed”. Meanwhile 83 per cent were unclear on the meaning of the common “Urban Clearway” sign, and 67 per cent were bamboozled by the “no waiting” sign. Top five confusing road signs polled 2,000 people on which road signs they found the most confusing and the following five were voted the most perplexing. Road signs ‘distracting’ Almost half of the 2,000 Brits polled 46 per cent say they have been distracted by road signs while driving. mlsp mastery And a lack of understanding when it comes to road signs has resulted in nearly 30 per cent having had a crash, bump or near miss. Of these, 81 per cent have had to spend up to 600 on car repairs as a result of accidents caused by confusing road signs.

Good idea, I say! The signs are ambiguous. Ive actually been yelled at by a driver once who told me, youre supposed to share the road, so move over! Wilson recommends use of the more direct Bikes May Use Full Lane sign or the simple bicycle on a yellow diamondcaution sign telling drivers to watch out for bikes. Should we change the state rules click here to make that standard practice in California, as Wilson is recommending for Delaware? What do you think?